Juggernaut, the mountain bike with three wheels

If you love bikes and you like to go for trialeras or areas where there is not much stability, sure the Juggernaut it can turn into something interesting for you. This electric bike is manufactured by the firm Rungu, specializing in mountain terrains and has not been indifferent to anyone.

Its main feature is that it has two front wheels between which there is little separation, something that will help the rider to take dangerous curves or driving on rough terrain without losing balance.

Its three tires are quite thick, but nevertheless its handling is very simple and has a stability at low speed, which it is what is achieved when driving on land and sand, snow, etc.

Other features of this bike

In addition to its three wheels, It has a motor 2.100 watts of power and can achieve a 32 kilometers per hour. It weighs 41 kilos, something that has been lowered thanks to which is made of aluminum, with what has been achieved lose a lot of weight.

Another feature is that, despite what it may seem, You can take quite lopsided curves thanks to the stability offered by the two front wheels and the little separation between the two, allowing not only take the lopsided curve but continue pedaling.

Finally remember that Rungo has patented a technology system that can link the handle to the direction of the bicycle, fully functioning normally. They also stress that they have worked with the intention that the front wheels do not slip when making sharp turns are carried, so we can say that we have a very original bike.

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