Tools for repairing a bicycle path

If you are the people who liked go biking and fix any kind of problem when it suffers a fault, seguro que no querrás que se te olvide ninguna herramienta cuando vayas a hacer una salida tanto por carretera como campo a través con una bicicleta de montaña.

What tools should we take with us?

Normally there is usually no serious breakdowns, therefore it is not necessary take a complete toolbox, but a small bag in which to put them and do not take up too much space. These include:

  • hex keys and key set Allen.
  • Destornillador de punta plana y de estrella.
  • Tronchacadenas.
  • detachable to repair the chain links.
  • clamps.
  • Spoke wrench.

Para ahorrar espacio, There screwdrivers with a part of the star bar and the other the flat area, which can be exchanged. As for Allen keys, there are games that are like a Swiss Army Knife, so we'll have a whole set in the smallest possible space.

Una cámara de repuesto nos servirá para reparar la rueda cuando tengamos un pinchazo, although it is always better to take two and special glue and some patches. If you are someone who likes driving at night, you should not forget to carry batteries to power a few lights or GPS if you used to carry in your travels.

Nor it hurts to take a brake and brake cable if it could fail, Spray oil chain, American tape, by a radio, a pin diverter and even flanges, that sure will take us more than a pinch.
It may seem a lot if you are going to go biking, but making room in a small backpack, or saddlebags if you plan to make a long route, You may include all these tools.

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