Do wheelies with mountain bike

Among the many techniques that can be put in place when Bicycling we find the wheelies or wheelies. Some of you may think that they are useless, but it is proven that they can be useful to train them when we do a route that takes technical sections where you have to wade through a river or have to lift the front wheel at some point.

If you have not done any time, it is normal that does not leave us to the first (and after many attempts) but being constantly get to learn to do. It is best to practice on a slight upward slope and it will select the largest sprocket and medium plate.

It should be a short development so that we can lift the front wheel without costing us too much effort and is quite long, have enough so that when the wheel is up and found what is the point of balance, we can stay as long as possible on the rear wheel.

We must also take into account the position of our body since the blow wheel and pedal power to apply but also by a change in weight distribution is not lifted only, to take to the back so you can leave the front of the bike without too much weight.

To do and have more security you have to hold on to the handlebar, especially with the brake lever so we must be careful because if we find that we go back, to slow down a bit we will go forward.

To achieve this you have to try a lot and train undeterred, sooner or later we find the balance point and will gradually improve in this simple technique that will surely be very useful at times of a route.

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