Enjoy summer cycling

Still pretty summer and if you have not had a vacation you launched a proposal so you can enjoy them in a different way. You can make the Camino de Santiago in whole bike or perhaps some of its later stages, to enjoy a few days with friends or family and should do something different.

Who says Camino de Santiago says any other route, but focusing mainly on bicycle. So if it's not a week, for example, you can reduce the break to a long weekend. It will be something that you will enjoy, insurance.

You must not forget the clothes that are comfortable and much better if technical, so you can perspire better and not cause chafing. Do not forget flashlights for bicycle, a helmet, a pack of basic tools, a small kit and ID.

What we have bike?

You must have a bicycle that has certain quality and will always be better a mountain bike a road because the bike routes are not always roll on asphalt, there will be parts that must be done on dirt roads or even want to deviate from the route enjoy a landscape or meet some point of interest.

Another point to consider is that if the route is not too demanding you can go with the kids and enjoy every pedal stroke with them, yes, provided the route not elapses road, especially for security. They will always be more desirable dirt roads where there is not much traffic, they are flat and offer different stops and rest areas, viewpoints, sources, etc.

Although we can prepare the path on our own, in Spain there are several specialized agencies that will be responsible for seeking the one that best suits our preferences. Do you dare to make a bike path?

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