Enjoy cycling in summer

For many, Summer is the best time of year to enjoy cycling because thanks to the good weather we can make virtually any day getaway. No matter if you prefer to go it alone, with friends or family, It is a healthy physical activity and who should not have tried to do so.

It is recommended because it will help us get in shape, It will allow us to know corners of our city that will surely unaware and even gives us the opportunity to make routes, as can be that of Camino de Santiago, which is gaining more and more followers.

We must not forget to follow some useful tips for cycling in summer, so that the activity is most comfortable and safe. For example, hydration, one of the most important points when exercising.

It is therefore always advisable to take one or two bottles on the bike or much better, one camelback to keep fresh water, but we can always stop and drink from fountains or fill our tanks.

The sun accompany us in many of our getaways, so we must protect correctly applying sunscreen in face, arms and legs. It is also advisable to take a Sunglasses to avoid reflections and helmet, which not only protect us in case of a fall but also thanks to his visor sun we will.

Having the bike in top condition is essential. Therefore always it has to review it periodically, to see if the brakes, covered, changes and other elements are in perfect condition, including lubrication.

We conclude with clothes, which should be adequate, always comfortable, from light colors so they do not absorb heat, that is light, well suited to our body (loosely) and above all transpire, It is most desirable technical clothing.

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