Enjoy the bike even if it rains

Although we are still in summer, sooner or later will come the rains and if that is not an impediment for you to enjoy a bike out, we invite you to continue reading this article. We will share with you some tips on cycling rain.

Tips for cycling in rain

The more we mojemos greater the feeling of cold that we, so the choice of clothing is very important. We must seek out a hooded raincoat especially for cyclists and pants special water-repellent fabric to keep both head and body and legs dry.

We know that out a cotton shirt It is a good idea because it is a comfortable fabric, soft and provides heat. On rainy days it is not recommended, especially if we have a tendency to sweat.

This will make the shirt is soaked and finish cooling, therefore we humidity close to the body and we can catch a bad cold. Therefore are better techniques nylon or polyester shirts.

When it rains a lot is always advisable to use glasses to protect vision, specially treated so that the drops slipping. In this case the use of glasses with yellow crystals is recommended to enhance the contrast.

As for the circulation must be careful on curves, avoid stepping on urban painting as crosswalks, signaling arrows, etc., because we will lose grip and is likely to end up on the floor.

Regarding braking It has to be done well in advance to avoid abruptness that can also destabilize. It is best to stop with the front wheel first and slightly to the rear after. On wet surfaces the use of the rear brake skidding we will almost certainly.

Finally we can not forget to recommend the use of bold colors reflective for other drivers to see us, use fenders and LED lights out good for us to be visible even when it rains a lot.

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