Different motors for electric bicycles

electric bike

Although not one of the best selling models in the market, electric bikes are becoming more successful, especially in countries with deep roots pedaling as Holland, Denmark, Norway, etc.

3 common motors in electric bicycles

In this article we want to share with you some of the main characteristics of the different engines that may have electric bikes, such as HUB motor located in the rear wheel.

In this case we can say that are the most common motors in electric bicycles as its shape allows easy repair. Not known for having an assisted pedaling too fast since they have speed sensors that send the signal to the controller to activate the motor, which creates a small delay.

On the other hand we find the HUB motors positioned on the front wheel, which provides a traction 2×2. The negative is that significantly increases the weight of direction, making driving a bit more difficult.

The third kind of engine that can see in an electric bike is located in the center, which gives a certain advantage in providing assistance to the pedaling, since it is practically immediate.

This will be of great help when we are circulating on slopes or when we are stopped at traffic lights. Also it emphasizes that gives the bike a center of gravity lower, It is resulting in greater stability and easier driving.

The point against this kind of engines is that they are more expensive and their repairs because all components are in the same place, which can give more work when repair.


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