Details Camino de Santiago by bike

If you are one of those who have always wanted to do the Camino de Santiago by bike and has never had opportunity to do so, we invite you to continue reading this article because we will provide very useful information for your first time on this route with your bike.

As if it has done on foot, One advantage of do the Camino de Santiago by bike It is that you can always deviate from the path you have set and know many of the secrets behind this route as its landscapes, nearby towns, etc., where you can enjoy them without any kind of hurry, as this path should be.

Remember it is not a walk and even go on bicycle, there will be stages in which you'll be tired. Prepare for months before take physical background and the route will be much easier although I must say that there is extremely tough stages.

You can go with a road bike, mountain or hybrid, although you know that the road can not get through or field dirt roads and gravel, so you must take your bike according to what you like to do, gird only road to adventure or.

A good half to move up the steps correctly is about 12 O 13 kilometers per hour, so after about five hours you've done 60 kilometers of each stage more or less.

The most advisable months to the Camino de Santiago by bike They are between May and September about, given that Galicia has a high rate of rainfall and will always be better roll with good weather.

Definitely, It is an unparalleled experience that we recommend to the classic sun and beach holiday Do you dare to complete this route by bike?

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