Cyclotron, futuristic bike


Today there are a number of models different bikes for all tastes and needs, but surely you had never before seen one like that we present in this post. His name is Cyclotron and it looks like something out of a science fiction movie.

It has been manufactured by the company Cyclotron Cycles, It is a bike that does not have radios and features an LED lighting system that gives a touch more futuristic.

How Cyclotron?

In addition to its stunning design, I must say that Cyclotron is made of carbon fiber combined with ultra-light materials to make despite 11,9 kilos. It has wheels solid polymer airless latest technology, electronic exchange system 18 speeds, It mount specially designed for smartphone and pedals class e-Shift.

also has a autonomous battery from 8 hours Circular lighting around the diameter of its wheels that are activated automatically when sensors detect that bicycle there is little natural light.

Spoked wheels lack which makes this area can be used if desired as cargo space. Another highlight is that has a laser sighting system to make visible the bike on the road.

Also it stresses that all geometry can be adjusted perfectly to the rider's position or roll form having, whether it does recreationally for a walk or wheel more aggressively, which will provide great stability.

Sure many people would come to think that this bike has a cost so futuristic that reaches several thousand euros, but since the French company have confirmed that their price is about 900 € about.

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