Cycloshield, circulates safer on your bike

We all know the importance of having security measures on the bike as reflectors, helmet, etc. All these measures must be added another that can have a big weight in case of accident and that comes in the form Gadget, Cycloshield.

What is Cycloshield?

For improve bicycle safety It has invented a special device called Cycloshield. It is placed in the bar of the saddle and out because if an accident happens, automatically sends an alert to emergency services with our geolocation.

If a vehicle exceeds the minimum safety distance (1,5 meters) including carrying the camera it will be activated and will be registered car registration offender. In addition, also warn the rider that he is approaching a car using an audible alarm.

It has a long battery life, a GSM module, activity monitor, integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, LED light system, geoposicionamiento, Video recording, emergency call system, It is compatible with other devices activity and allows you to program our own scripts to improve our performance.

Thanks to this device and awareness we currently by the use of helmets and other systems andstaremos safer when we get out on the road.

currently, I must say that is not for sale because it is a product that is in development, but certainly when available, all and all we ride bike will start to have more present for our outings.

Remember that unfortunately in our country are recorded around 50 deaths each year and around 4.000 injured in traffic accidents, something that can be avoided with this device.

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