What is the right clothes for biking?

Make a sport like bicycle requires a specific dress, something that not everyone gives importance, but if you look, technical clothing is named for something, because it is specially designed for the practice of sport. What it is the best clothing for cyclists?

Not all clothing serves, Unlike, you have to follow certain guidelines because the clothes should stay well, neither too big nor too small. You should go according to our height and proportions, to always be comfortable in any getaway.

The shirt or jersey It can be long or short sleeve, always depending on the route we're going to do and the weather there is usually, but it should be adjusted, preferably without seams, with zippered pockets and ponérnoslo or easily take it away.

He cycling shorts or pants It is also essential because a good one will prevent pains have contact because our body with the saddle for so long. With gel pads or areas having, we will be much more comfortable. As with leotards, we must find a culotte not have seams, us to be much more comfortable and avoid chafing us.

We can not forget to keep in mind that when we exercise should always wear clothes that absorb sweat and evaporate with the best possible efficiency, making sure it is us body as dry as possible. If we sweated a lot and a cotton shirt, we'll go with it moist at all times and that is not recommended.

To end, We can not forget the gloves will help us to better grasp the handlebar, socks that will help our feet to go dry and the boot or shoe to relocate when cycling not move from side to side.

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