Considerations to keep in mind about tires


Bicycle wheels are indispensable elements which are not always given the importance they really have. Without good tires we can not have a good driving, we will have less security in wet land or injured and not have comfort when pedaling.

We must therefore consider changing tires when they start to notice things go wrong or there are signs of wear. For example, when we notice that there are signs that the paste dries and cracks begin to appear, the drawing is worn or the bearing surface has lost its curvature, for example.

Important data on tires

These negatives can reach make the wheels lose traction, more difficult maneuverability, punctures occur continuously, let's roll more uncomfortable and we can not go as fast as we used.

We need to focus much on the drawing and choose the one that best suits our performance on the bike. A wheel completely lisa It is ideal for tours on asphalt while having tacos They are the most recommended for mountain bikes. And there are many other between these two models that will suit what we need.

Another important point is to choose a tire that is anti-puncture protection, which will prevent happens to us when we are in route. This type has a additional band Plastic between the housing and the bearing surface, thus the possibility that suffer a puncture is considerably reduced.

Remember, the right choice of a suitable tire positive impact on our performance on the bike, making it more efficient and increasing its lifetime, allowing us to enjoy our breaks or routes, regardless of how long or difficult to be.

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