Tips on braking on the bike


One of the basics that everyone should consider when starting in the world of cycling is braking. Sure, when you montasteis for the first time in the bicycle many times that you should never say braking with the front brake.

The truth is that cycling is most often used the front brake to start the braking process and then the rear. If you brake the rear when going at high speed, you may derrapemos, but do it with the front is the best way to stop the bike.

It is tougher and stronger than the back, but we must do it smoothly, on the contrary, push full brake when going at a certain speed could make saliésemos over the handlebars or us to lose control of the direction and the ground acabásemos.

How to stop the bike properly

When braking, our weight tends to go forward, the same thing happens when we drive and we stop. To do this we must first actuate the front smoothly and progressively, subsequently the rear, so we get stabilize the bike during the maneuver.

The important thing is that when we do have to prevent the front wheel locks. Perhaps at first it costs us something, especially because it generates a lot of confidence, but when we see that can be done without too much trouble and find out how effective it is, and we will take it as usual.

We can not conclude without recalling that in this process not only intervene pulse we have but also involves factors like the kind of tire to relocate, our weight, the kind of terrain on which we circulate (llano, wet, etc.) and also the efficiency of the braking system including.

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