Tips for cycling with snow

Although not quite normal, Bicycling in the snow is one of the trends for cyclists who like strong emotions, but it is also one of the options you may have some people living in areas where snowfall is common, so we want to give you tips about it.

How to ride a bicycle on snow?

It is important to have a special covers they have an adequate drawing, nails or even a small chain kit. We must ensure stability at all times to prevent falls.

When we are circulating we follow the trail they have left other cyclists and if there is no or go first (if we group) we must avoid sudden movements and slow down before making a turn.

In this kind of terrain, not to lose control of the front wheel is very important, hence the need to raise the handlebars and lower the seat so that your feet reach the ground more easily and have a better center of gravity. When we stop use mainly the rear, not to lose balance if we do it with the front.

Given the terrain grip conditions, must Tighten security, therefore we must be equipped with helmet, back and chest protection and it sounds weird, elbow and knee pads, we will be circulated so much safer.

We can not forget clothing, seeking than cotton, because it soaks quickly and takes too long to dry. The shoes must be protected so that the feet do not get wet, For this we use a neoprene sleeve. Likewise also should wear gloves, Winter thermal tights, a jacket that allows perspiration and goggles to protect eyes from light reflected on snow.

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