Tips to make the Camino de Santiago by bike

If you want a different for the holidays as you tend to be used or used alternative, if you're thinking about changing the sun and the beach or the couch for your holiday, to do something completely different and will allow you to live a unique experience, we recommend you do the Camino de Santiago Cycling.

No matter what path you take, (French, North, Via de la Plata, etc.) nor if you do all stages, although it would do the same. The important thing is to make the most of this unique experience and so we will give you tips useful.

For example, the most recommended months to make this route are those between May and September, other months, especially in November, December, January, February and March, They are not recommended, especially since there is a fairly bad weather and the Camino de Santiago by bike you can make it very difficult.

The most recommended are April, mayo, June and September. During the months of July and August can be done, but it may cost a little more because there are days that can be very hot and if we are not used to doing sport at high temperatures can cost us much to go by stages.

It is important to take into account the route to be made and the distance between populations. For example, in the French Way, the stages are not too long and people always find where to regain strength, arrange bicycle, rest, etc. Instead, if you choose the Via de la Plata, the distances are greater.

To end, an important recommendation: it is always advisable not to make the Camino de Santiago by bike alone, It is best accompanied by two or three people or ask integrated into a group that we are on the road.

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