Tips for choosing a bike for cycling

He cycling it is fashionable and is in the summer months when most boom has. If you're thinking of doing something different next summer season, you might be interested continue reading this entry, because we will explain what features should have your bike for this kind of activity.

Points to consider

The bike should be comfortable, no matter if the style is walk or mountain, We should feel comfortable with her, both the saddle and handlebar, important because we spend many hours on it. In this case, regardless of the style that has, the seat should be wide for maximum comfort and bring a little higher than normal handlebar will also give us that feeling.

If you have front suspension we will be handling much more comfortable if we have to go down a path that is not in the best conditions, although experts recommend that we buy we must have a lockable device, that is to say, when a lever giremos, the fork can be rigid.

The brakes disk are exceptional, but they are not recommended for cycling since I incase of failure are quite difficult to repair. Regarding the change is recommended one that is quality and not risk in this regard, although the bike does not have many marches.

He transportín It should be one of the accessories that we must our bike. The same we say transportín can say saddlebags, will help us to carry more stuff and being on both sides of the bike at the rear, We have a good stability.

To end, We can not forget the covers. We must seek a serve us both asphalt and for a little more difficult areas and the tires have double wall and 36 radios, we will be much more robust.

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