Tips for choosing cycling clothes for summer


With the arrival of the summer season do cycling routes it becomes an activity for both solo and with family or friends. By making more heat, clothing should be different from the one we used at any other time of the year. What clothes it is the most recommended? In this post we share with you what are the most desirable garments.

We know that cotton is a very comfortable fabric given its softness but not recommended for summer because when it soaks sweat and besides being uncomfortable, weighs more and not transpire. For it is best to use technical clothing, although it is synthetic, more easily allows perspiration, not drench, they are fresh clothes and weigh very little.

When we are buying this kind of clothes, we must ensure that not have seams, thus we avoid chafing that can prevent comfortably pedaleemos. In addition it is also advisable to use a well-fitting clothes to our body and if we have very sensitive skin should opt for hypoallergenic garments.

For comfort, shirt or jacket summer must have pockets where you can store food to provide energy gels, chocolate or energy bars and other products to help us in our performance.

For hands, always advisable to use short gloves and much more if the gloves have gel reinforcement in the palm and slip silicone so that it can better grasp the handlebars while protecting your hands well to not to leave us and go uncomfortable chafing.

Another thing to consider is that the gloves are in the outer area a special tissue to wipe the sweat comfortably and not bother us in the face.

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