Tips for using mountain biking


We are in summer, one of the best times to take the bike and go to anywhere routes. If you are starting in this business and you have opted for a mountain bike instead of a road, we invite you to keep reading because we will give you some basic tips but very important.

Tips on using mountain biking

If you plan to run on flat terrain, the seat should be positioned at an optimum height, so that when we put the pedal to the lowest point and we support the heel, our leg should be stretched.

Should prevail in our route descents and a little stable ground, what you need to do is lower the saddle for more stability. If the opposite happens, there are quite sharp increases, you have to climb over the seat to avoid overloading the muscles.

Regarding the changes we must also keep in mind a set of guidelines so that the path we find it much easier. On a flat course or one that has little unevenness, it is best to use medium plate and crowns.

If a tour is an area where there is mud, Earth, grass and there are ups, it is best to use large crowns and small dish. And a very important piece of advice, You never have to change when we raised the saddle, to do so we must always be seated and pedaling.

When using the brakes, I remember all those who are beginning to make your getaways that it is best brake with both brakes at the same time, but it must be done so progressive and not so often but intermittent, in this way will not heat or be damaged shoes.

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