Basic tips for choosing a mountain bike

If you plan to purchase a Mountain bike to get started in this business and start making routes, we want to give you some basic tips on the bike before you buy. This way you can find one that can suit your needs and invest in it taking into account important details as we share in this article.

Obviously we know that the lower the price are worse qualities, so, if you want something with a minimum quality and guarantees you must settle a budget of about 800 O 1000 euros. At first it may seem expensive, but it is an average price where mountain bikes already offer more than acceptable quality.

It is best to choose a mountain bike only has front suspension since it has more quality than double damping. In addition they are quite lighter and if you hurt less long routes back also having suspension back since in many cases the back muscles are tense all the time.

If you have the opportunity to find a bike that is of carbon fiber, either one that has been exposed or one or two previous seasons, It will always be better than an aluminum bike. In addition, sure if you're starting, you will not mind much other than the latest model.

Regarding wheel, the most recommended options are to 29 inches, but you can also choose other as 27,5 O 26, but always bearing in mind the 29.

Finally, if you can rule out those options that do not have disc brake It will be much better. If you like descents and you need a safe and effective braking, you'll notice much difference between a conventional brake disc and one. It is best to play it safe and not risk.

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