Basic Tips for cycling city


Whenever we talk about making an exit routes we think bicycle or mountain outings, depending on each model bicycle, but indispensable, as a means of locomotion that is, It is going around the city. Therefore we will give some basic tips to keep in mind when you need to make a city ​​tour.

Recommendations for cycling city

The first and most important is to take all security measures and presence to other drivers know that we are circulating. Regarding safety the helmet It is vital at all times, whether we will move a few hundred meters or more distant areas.

Furthermore they can not fail elements as a ringer, a reflector vest and night lights front and rear when circulemos night. Another very important point is that we drive a vehicle, therefore we must respect the rules of the road as they should make motorcycles, cars or any other vehicle.

Although not all cities have bike lanes, you can not ride on the sidewalk, we must do so for the most part to the right of the road and at a distance of one meter from cars parked there, to avoid if someone opens the car door does not hit us.

It never hurts signaling maneuvers where we are going to turn or change lanes if necessary. Under no circumstances should we go with headphones listening to music, riding a bicycle requires every way and the hearing is very important.

To end, you have to enjoy, around the city safely, doing exercise and complying with traffic regulations allow us to have a good time on two wheels, something that both children and beginners should take into account.

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