How to have a better performance bike routes

No matter the season where we are, make a bike path It requires effort and preparation, especially if they are long routes such as the different alternatives offered by the Camino de Santiago.

So we want to share with you some tips on how to have a good performance on two wheels along the route you have chosen.

Improve your cycling performance en route

To start, it is necessary have a good physical background, therefore we must prepare well a few months in advance. While it is not a route that is extremely demanding, we can not introduce ourselves to do it without even having trained and tuned our bike.

Before each stage must be suitably heat, otherwise our energy will drop significantly and with it our performance on the bike. In addition, It must be hydrated and eat frequently, to provide energy to our body and go properly dosificándola.

As drink, the best will always be water and / or sports drinks that allow us to recover the minerals that we lose by the effort. About the food, before starting is recommended protein intake of carbohydrates and route can eat some banana, biscuits, nuts, cereal bars or if we prefer energy gels, foods that provide us with vitamins.

It is recommended that not only frequently change position on the bike but also about our cadence. We should not force our body because otherwise appear muscle aches and ruin our route.

To end, we must to plan stops correctly, we will be good to rest and if it is a pilgrimage route to Santiago, we can take the opportunity to enjoy the scenery or somewhere prominent. Recall that this route is not only cycling but live every moment.

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