How a bicycle remains

When you're a child and you start riding a bicycle, It is usually done with the help of training wheels at the rear, which help children to maintain balance safely. Gradually it acquires this sense that allows us to stay balanced on two wheels, but ... how does this happen?

The gyroscopic effect on bicycle

The most common thing that could answer this question is the gyroscopic effect, which occurs because a wheel is spinning you should keep doing it around its own axis is, as what our own planet, which is aligned with its axis of rotation.
Einstein even said at one point that life is like cycling montásemos. What is, that for balance we must keep moving.

Remember that there are only two footholds on the firm, the wheels. If we do not move, end up on the floor, so we have to keep moving to maintain balance and not to fall.

To stay balanced on the bike you must resort to what is known as angular momentum or angular momentum, which it has two characteristics, magnitude and direction.

When the two wheels move to overcome the force of gravity what we will do it is move without falling. By increasing the speed also it increases the angular momentum, so it costs more overbalance.

A clear example to understand better the of a spinning top, which it remains upright even if you are on a very small surface, just do it because it moves at high speed on its axis. At low speed it begins to totter, as children when they start riding on two wheels. Finally, when there is no speed, the top ends up falling.

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