How Bicycling correctly


With the arrival of summer are many people who dare to take a bike, in many cases for the first time and this article is dedicated to those people, because we will advise you on what is the best position for cycling, indispensable to go more comfortable and avoid possible injury.

Assuming you already have correctly chosen the bicycle, regardless of the model to be, always we have been advised by a competent and experienced seller, we will start regulating both the seat and the handlebars of the bicycle to go comfortably.

When we go to place the saddle it must be remembered that the legs should not be fully stretched, always a little bent, which will help the knees do not suffer with the effort and that peddle in a natural way.

After regulate the saddle to do the same with the handlebar, which should be at the ideal height so that your arms are in a relaxed way, without forcing posture. If possible, we have a handlebar take different positions allowing because if we remain long in the same position could make joints resintiesen.

It is also very important that feet remain securely attached to the pedals, thus prevents when you are pedaling foot can slip and hurt, injure us or even fall when we are circulating and to suffer a serious accident.

With these small details, will be enough for all those who want to start their first pedaling on a bicycle can do so safely, avoiding bad habits and bad posture which over time can lead to physical problems to be addressed later.

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