How to improve our performance increases with bicycle

Make a cycling tour, either road or cross country, will bring sooner or later some ups. If this is what you usually fail and want to improve this aspect, we'll give you some tips that will be useful.

How to improve on the climbs with bicycle

To improve our cycling climbs, what we need is much resistance and for this we can begin to improve this aspect on a stationary bike, increasing its resistance and trying to make routines 10 O 15 minutes every day, but without forcing the body, everything must go slowly. It is best to prepare for two or three weeks.

When we have improved our resistance, and we can hit the road or the mountain to enjoy a route, but in which dominate the slopes to test the strength we have gained.

It is important that the routes are practicing for a month or month and a half, so we will check the level of resistance we have gained during this time. A tip on a fairly long climb is start slowly and go gradually gathering pace, thus also we learn to better conserve our strength.

Nor can we forget to choose better what our developments regarding the cadence that best suits us. To this we must take into account a good position on the saddle, avoiding having it too far back, because we lose agility, or too low, because we lose strength.

We conclude with something very important, work technique rise. It is best to outputs with someone we experienced advice, on the contrary, on the Internet or in the library there will be many sources of information in order to implement our knowledge. In this way we are significantly improving our performance on the bike in when resistance.

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