Cleaning the bicycle chain


The chain is one of the most important elements of the bicycle and like other components, we must always keep it in the best possible condition. Thus, after each output, if it is too dirty, it is always advisable to clean, especially if it comes with mud.

What experts recommend it is to clean the chain in depth each 1.500 approximately kilometers and we also set ourselves what is your life, something that we can tell the manufacturer or our bike mechanic.

For a good cleaning of the chain need, a stiff bristle, Water, cotton cloth (those who do not leave lint), soap, oil for greasing machinery or specific for bicycle chains and Vaporeta.

Cleaning the chain step by step

The first thing to do is to wet the chain so that the dirt is wet so we can remove it in an easier way. The best is the use of a steam cleaner because the vapor pressure will cause the most stubborn dirt is removed completely.

Otherwise we can use a stiff bristle brush to go removing dirt, emphasizing the gaps, to leave completely clean chain. After her free of dirt have to dry it very well and if we use a cloth, we must ensure that does not release fluff that may attract dirt.

This is a very important step and in which we must do our best so that the chain is dry. Once we have dried we can use to apply oil, either by drops or spray.

If we do throwing drops, it is advisable to take one on each pin of the chain and if done with spray, we can finish quickly, While covering the chain and also changes.

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