How rehydrate perfectly in cycling

We all know, the sport of cycling is a very hard discipline and to perform at their best not only must have a good physical preparation or a good bike, we must also take into account good food and above all, perfect hydration, especially when you're doing a route.

When you are speaking of Good hydration on the bike we mean to not drink much before the test, It will not be worth anything because surely, if the path is long, We get dehydrated. The key is the dosage, both before, during and after.

We must take into account the electrolytes, minerals influencing our performance. Potassium, chlorine, magnesium, football, sodium bicarbonate, the latter being the most important. Sports drinks are highly recommended because they help us recover these minerals that we lose with sweat, which will make our performance can drop considerably.

How much should we drink?

The temperature influences the requirements of each rider and if it's cold, experts say it is best to minimum 400 milliliters situations and in case of heat between 600 Y 800 milliliters per hour, approximately every hour botellín.

If you go to make a career path or a certain demand and in a situation of heat, it is best to take about half a liter of sports drink an hour before the start of the race.

In a career path or must be well defined are the places where we can stop to refuel water and when we finish the event should not think that everything is done is because we have to hidratándonos follow correctly.

What we get with hydration is to compensate the losses have had during the race. In this case, a good option is consume sports drinks that have carbohydrates and electrolytes to speed recovery after our performance bicycle.

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