How do descents on mountain with your bike

Circular by mountain bike It is a great experience, especially by contact with nature that we. In this kind of land we should be cautious because we do not know for sure what we can find, contrary to what may happen in the city.

We want to share with you some tips so you can enjoy a mountain getaway with your bike with extra safety, something that is never more.

Tips to make your bike descents

For example, in a drop we must descend with great caution since we are not aware of the terrain. Hard, too soft, slippery, with loose stone, rocks, bathtubs ... there are many conditions that can be found, reason to go with caution.

we must also be careful with sticks or branches that may have loose in the field. We can not allow ourselves from getting between the spokes because not only will make fall but can cause them to break.

If circulemos by a loose stone area and be lowered, for more stability with bicycle, what we should do is stand up on the pedals. With this uneven terrain better absorb.

For more stability on descents must back the body to change the center of gravity, something we can intensify if we lower the saddle.

If you do not have much experience in decline, it is best not venture a descent that do not know, no matter if we have a good bike and took all security measures Us. It is best not to risk.

To end, We can not forget not to move with the rigid body but with some tension, but not much, so that our body can also absorb uneven ground.

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