How does an electric bike?

Although not widespread now, the electric bikes They begin to form part of the urban ecosystem of many cities. This is a quick and convenient way to move, but not everyone knows exactly how they work. So we will help you know in a very simple way.

Features an electric bicycle

The bicycle has a battery that is the one that is responsible for feeding the engine bicycle. These devices have a range of between 25 Y 70 kilometers, always depending on the bike that we will acquire.

These batteries are recharged at the mains and depending on the model may take more or less recharge to be operational again.

It explains that despite having a motor, This is not a kind of motorcycle. The engine is simply a support for cyclist since the base of motion of these cycles is pedaling.

The aid of the engine will not start until we pedaleemos. When we do, a sensor communicates directly with the engine to start running.

We will be us who we program what degree of motor assistance we have given the maximum power with engines of these bikes, around about 250W, operation will stop when the 25Km / h are passed.

I must say that for riding bicycle, in addition to the engine we can do without this help and circular bicycle as if it were an ordinary.

One aspect that all manufacturers recommend when it rains is completely dry all electrical parts to prevent condensation water may collect and generate or may break something. This is not advisable because the price of a repair of an electric bike can be high.


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