How to make the most of a cycling tour

We are in late summer, a great time to cycling tours, as the Camino de Santiago, some greenways by Spain or any other proposal. To make the most will have to prepare a few months before and when the time comes only have to worry about a thing, to enjoy every ride.

In addition to be preparing a few months before rolling on different terrains and slopes to acquire physical background, we do a good review on the bike, repair anything that is capable of it, as wheels, changes, brakes, radios, axes, handlebar clearance, etc.

In our rucksack or panniers must incorporate a small multi-tool kit to respond to a simple puncture or damage that we may suffer during our break.

In addition to clothing parts, electronics devices, etc. in the backpack we should also include some food to give us energy gels route, energy bars, nuts, chocolate, etc. we also have sports drinks to help us recover the minerals that we lose with exercise.

When we are in route we must be aware of our physical form. Remember that the route is not a race but to live each pedaling to demos. Thus You never have to force our body or take it beyond our limits.

If we make the Camino de Santiago and we see that at the end stage we still have forces, the most sensible thing is instead of continuing to seek accommodation in hostels and rest to recover energy.

You have to check the weather forecast before starting the route, which will allow us properly we equip. Bring us a smartphone with full battery (better if it takes a power bank) It will also be of great help because we can see the route via GPS, share photos with our friends in social networks, etc. Are you ready for a route?

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