How to buy physical background for cycling


If you are a person who wants to squeeze more your performance when cycle It must be properly prepared and able to move smoothly. Therefore we will provide you some tips that will be useful.


The abdominals are one of the body parts that have to work because they are part of what is known as a control center. With good abs will avoid the possibility of occurrence of back injury, but also they have the ability to stabilize the back.

To reinforce this area to do three sessions of hundred sit-ups each spread over the week, so that gradually we will acquire the necessary strength in this area of ​​the body.


To acquire more resistance, indispensable for our performance on the bike, it is best to do routes of two or three hours, ideally twice a week. These routes different paths should be included, that is to say, it is not only on flat ground but must be ups and much better if it is a fairly steep slope.


If what you want is to gain speed, something very important if you are going to participate in a road cycling race, it is best to apply gentle routes but where intervals sprints, a first 25 meters and so we will rise to the 75 meters approximately, with that we will win the explosiveness necessary to prepare the sprints that occur in a race.

The important thing about these tips is that if put into practice and work a lot on this basis, physical characteristics that will be useful on the bike will be acquired, so, you just have to put a little willpower and the results will soon arrive.

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