Bullit, the cargo bike

Among the many bikes we see today in our cities, There is a model that is calling a lot of attention for its versatility, the cargo bike, such as Bullitt, which allows up 100 kilos load approximately.

Bullit, a bicycle for loads

To transport any kind of package, always weighing no more than 100 kilos, this bike is ideal for getting to the city. Bullit is the model of a Danish firm called Larry vs Harry he is having great success, especially among local distribution companies.

But not only serves to load bulks thanks to its platform, as well there are different supplements to bring our pets, loads that need to be covered with a tarpaulin to avoid getting wet or photo illustrating this post.

In this case it is a special bracket with two seats with seat belt, covered with a tarp and a transparent plastic as a windshield so that we can bring our small children everywhere and you enjoy seeing the city from that point of view that provides special location.

According to reports from factory, necessary for driving this force depends directly bicycle load to be put. So, if you live in a city where there are many slopes, this may not be the best means of transport for you.

Even so, no longer based on tricycles pedal a great concept that has existed for many years and possibly many of you will remember. Bullit weighs 24 kilos and handicap, as expected, is its price as the cheapest version is about 2000 euros and if we want an electric motor as having the model c-Bullit, its price rises to more than 4200 euros.

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