Biciwood, bicycle respectful with the environment

Today we can see many different bikes, manufactured with the most modern and lightweight materials that we can find, or alloys such as carbon fiber among other alternatives. But we can also find bicycles very respectful of the environment such as Biciwood, a bicycle made of bamboo.

With environmental responsibility and respect for the environment, two entrepreneurs launched this project for which they selected a variety of bamboo Hindu because thanks to its characteristics does not cause deforestation.

is 100% craft and it is thought to have an approximate lifespan of about 10 years. It has also been advanced that provide parts and also a device that will allow charging mobile phone with pedaling.

Regarding the possibility of charging mobile, the energy generated by pedaling will be stored on a device that is adjacent to the front wheel and will transmit the kinetic energy to another device transform it into electricity. This will have USB port to recharge our smartphone.

Another feature of this original bicycle is that is made of a 70% with bamboo, which makes it biodegradable and we can choose it in both the original color of bamboo as customize the colors and accessories you want.

Biciwood strong point is that it has a Bluetooth device that will take care of sending information to an app on the energy we have produced, the speed at which we have gone, location using GPS or distance between other.

Although no changes, this bike is a great alternative mobility that allow us to make our favorite sport, on a friendly vehicle 100% with the environment and with such special features.

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