Aspects to consider on the bike

No matter that we are some real veterans on the bike or if we are taking our first steps (or rather, pedaling) in this world, you always have to take into account many aspects to move much more efficiently and with a lower rate likely to suffer some kind of injury.

Position on the bike

No need to remember that we must control the seat height, the distance is relative to the handlebar, the alignment of the legs pedaling and placing the foot on the pedal, something that novice cyclists as veterans should already know.

Another aspect that also are supposed to know, or at least take it into account to refresh memory, It is that the higher the inclination of the chest to the lower handle will air resistance and increase aerodynamic, but comfort will also be reduced, forcing the back to be bent and to have more tension in the lumbar and cervical.

In this case we also keep your back as straight as possible, determining an angle not exceeding 90 degrees between the body and arms. If tilt will increase significantly more trunk muscle activity of the trunk erector, this area of ​​the body overloading, but also increasing the weight bearing on the wrists and arms, which can lead to long, dorsal discomfort.

Circling with bicycle

Although we may think that driving on the bike is extremely easy, there are aspects that we should not ignore, although we seem extremely simple. For example, circular straight line is very important, not only when we are alone on the bike but when we go with a group. The reason is extremely simple, because the bike has no rear-view mirrors, we will have to lift your head and look over his shoulder before making any kind of maneuver.


We talked about the position we have on the bike, something very important not only when we go in a straight line but also on curves, where we must pay special attention to avoid any kind of mishap as a fall.
It is important to maintain balance and traction on the curve, for what we put outside pedal on the bottom and push hard through it with my foot. The hand that is inside the cave we put in the lowest position and press hard. It is also advisable to have more lean grip and better stability on two wheels.

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