Adjusting gear mechanism of a bicycle

In this article we want to share with you step by step how to correctly adjust the gearshift mechanism bicycle, something simple but for what we have to go step by step.

Mechanism adjusts the speed of your bike

The first step is to put the lowest possible change, ie that is closer to the spokes. It is important to ensure that the rear gears are not touching the derailleur or the upper pulley when the change is in lower.

If the sprockets are playing the cassette, turn a little derailleur alignment screw to fit what we need.

We must ensure that the cable does not have too much tension and then go on to higher exchange. When we do we should look how the chain runs on the smallest sprocket and if you give us the feeling that goes out must align with the screw derailleur. Then again adjust the cable tension until changes again be soft.

To ensure that the chain does not leave the cassette must watch chain runs on the pinion. If we see that seems inclined toward the spokes or out is necessary to adjust the screw so that it is balanced.

Also we must also pass all changes in all directions (ascending and descending) This we will ensure that we have done the job properly.

If on the other hand we see that the bike has trouble climbing speed, what we can do is to loosen the cable tension a bit with the screw. Do not forget to lubricate the screws and pivot points to keep everything always in the best possible condition.

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