3 routes to the Camino de Santiago by bike


Summer is the best time of year to make a bike path and if we talk about routes there is one that can not miss, the road to Santiago. Thus, if you dare, we'll propose three different routes to live this unique experience. Although not necessary that you do complete, because some have many kilometers, you can always make the latter stages of them.

He Camino Fracés It is one of the best known and this makes it one of the busiest. Part from the South of France, although normal is to start in Navarra, from Puente La Reina. This route has no less than 778 kilometers made in a 10 stages approximately. The best thing about this route is that it is well signposted, so we do not lose.

If you're used to doing long distances by bicycle, we propose the Via de la Plata, longest existing route to Santiago de Compostela. To do it successfully have to be well prepared physically and have a good bike, because you'll need it, since they have ahead 956 kilometers.

The route goes from Seville to Gijon, although there will have to reach the final. Upon reaching Astorga will take the French way to reach the tomb of St. James. The normal thing is to do it in 17 stages, 13 between Seville and Astorga and the rest to Santiago de Compostela.

If you do not have too long to make this route or if it's your first time, you can always make the Primitive way, the shortest that goes to Santiago de Compostela. Although it has very tough stages, so you'll have to hire you thoroughly with bicycle. Leaves from Oviedo and the route itself has 8 stages although, obviously, you can do them at your own pace.

Mountain biking or road ... Do you dare to do some of these routes?

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