3 breathtaking cycling routes


The cycling routes They are one of the great attractions that have many countries that manage to attract cycling enthusiasts. If you are among one of them, we'll propose three routes you must know, such as the Camino de Santiago.

The most impressive cycling routes

Although the tradition is to make walking, he Camino de Santiago It has positioned itself as a formidable alternative to make cycling. The French Way departs from Roncesvalles and ends in Santiago de Compostela, this being the most common route among bike lovers.
His landscapes are breathtaking, plateaus, fences, hills and mountains, rivers and lakes as well as a great nature accompany us during all stages. It is an extremely difficult route but be prepared to make.

Much further, in China, It is what is known as Friendship Highway, cycling route linking Lhasa with Nepal border. To make this route must be in very good physical shape and you have to have good lung capacity since in some stages can exceed 5.000 meters high.

The views are breathtaking and can even be, and photographed, Mount Everest. another drawback, plus the height, It may be the weather, which could make the route more hard and difficult than it is already, but worth it.

No need to leave Europe we can go to Iceland to meet the Ring Road. This is one of the most impressive cycling routes of the old continent. It can be done in whole or in some stages because they are 1.500 kilometers of road surrounding the island.

The highlight of this route are landscapes, accompanied by lakes, waterfalls and icebergs, making this environment something really impressive. Do the whole thing may take some time, so it is recommended to alternate the stages with public transportation so they can enjoy the best kilometers.

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