3 maintenance tips for your mountain bike

We all love to have the mountain biking in the best possible condition although sometimes we do not notice details that can help us a lot to be so. Therefore we will share with you three tips that will make your bike is always ready for an outing.

The tire pressure It is a very important aspect that we must control at all times and we must take them to the appropriate pressure recommended by the manufacturer, no more no less. We must remember that the fact roll with a pressure that is not adequate, adversely affects braking, Cover wear and adhesion, so if we go with less pressure we can have an accident.

Another aspect that should not be overlooked is Oiled keep both the chain and transmissions. With the use, or even without him, these items may be collecting dust and dirt, which can seriously affect your performance if not properly care.

If not properly cleaned and lubricated, It can produce significant wear and thus, the chances of failure increase significantly and is much worse if the break in the chain, for example, It occurs when we are treading a path.

On the other hand, We can not forget the importance of keep the bike as clean and dry as possible. We know that mountain biking, by its characteristics, they can roll over any terrain, so it is very easy to acquire damp or wet on a route.

The humidity is very bad ally for the elements of the bicycle and rust worse. If you do not want to get to that point, remember, after each route it is best to thoroughly clean all dirt bike withdrawing and then secaremos the most.

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