3 common faults on the bike


Everybody, who more or less, we have suffered different faults with our bike and we know that we are exposed to it at the moment least expected. Fortunately, the most common faults on the bike are not complex areas such as the changes but are often parts that are easily repairable and does not cost much to fix them.

The most commonly encountered problems on the bike

The puncture are the most common and simplest of all fault few can suffer in our bike. No matter how careful we are when circulemos road or if we have a racing bike or mountain, we are all exposed to it.

Bring appropriate pressure is an alternative and carry a spare inner tube case. Another trend is to use anti puncture covered, they are always safer because they have a special area that reduces the chances of puncture.

The broken spokes They may be other mechanical problems we face and that we can happen when least expected, as can be the result of a fall, go over a bump, up or down a curb without taking precautions, etc.

As we already know, we must change the string each certain kilometers or other use. To this we must add that we must make a correct maintenance to be properly lubricated and have a maximum life.

Although this is another of the most common faults that we can have on our bike. We must also take care of the teeth dishes and pine nuts, something we can do by making the changes correctly, for example.

It is most commonly encountered problems than we can think and although they are not expensive or complex, we must consider that can be avoided with a little caution.

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