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With technological advances we currently, mobile applications are playing a very important role in preparing a cycling tour, because, we have chosen 3 applications so that you have a new partner in your escapades on the bike.

Road Bike Pro

It may be one of the most complete of all how many we can find nowadays due to the large amount of information it contains and get with it. Has Android and iOS version and its main features include GPS tracking, speed measurement, distance, path length, calories burned, heart rate, unevenness overcome or speed tables.

Like many of today's applications, Road Bike Pro free version has, but if we have these and many other features, We can opt for the paid version, much more complete.


If you do not know where to make a route or want to be surprised with a new, this app can do. Has more than 800.000 routes around the world and a large legion of cyclists climbing new routes continuously.

It allows us to record our route on the fly and upload it to this platform so that others can also enjoy it like us. We can find this app for Android, iOS y Windows Phone.

Sports Tracker

This application calculates and stores various data such as speed, distance or even the route we have done through their GPS, Load sharing routes and allows social networks. Also associates the map to photos that we have taken on the road and stands out for its high accuracy in positioning terms, allowing other users discover areas near a route that should be visited and make the break is more than pedaling.

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